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Lift 3 F 5'4" Cruiser £9,700 (90min) £10,600 (150 min)
£ 6,900.00 GBP
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The 5’4" New LIFT 3 F is the perfect size for casual eFoiling, with incredible stability to get anyone up and riding easily. If you’re new to watersports and want our easiest, most affordable option to ride the New LIFT 3 F 5’4" is for you. Now with two all-new standout colors—Iceberg Blue and Sunset Peach!

The New LIFT 3 F mast is made of machined aluminium, which is more durable and stable for our newer riders, versus our elastic and responsive carbon fiber mast on the LIFT 3. The LIFT 3 F Also features our Lift FRP propeller so you can fly longer and smoother with our new tapered hub design.

Wing Combos

– The 200 Surf offers versatility in your ride style

– Try the 250 Surf it is great for an extremely easy, ultra-stable ride that keeps you out of the water and cruising.

- Generation 4 eFoil battery (whichever you choose at checkout £10700 with 2.5 hr ride ( 50 min charge), £9800 with 1.5 hour ride ( 30 min charge)

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Board price
£ 6,900.00 GBP
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