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Elite Hand Controller
£ 788.00 GBP
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NOTE: The Elite Hand Controller is only compatible with the LIFT4 eFoil and future Lift eFoil generations. If riders have a previous generation eFoil, it is only compatible with the classic standard controller


The Elite Hand Controller is the latest innovation from Lift and is engineered to put the power and freedom of foiling in the palm of your hand. With a simple, intuitive user interface, the hand controller is ready to go out of the box and effortlessly connects to your board via Bluetooth.

The trigger features a sophisticated actuation that can be tailored to how you like to ride, and the updated construction features an adventure-proof carbon fiber shell and titanium hardware.

The new user interface is GPS driven and the high-resolution, full-color display enables you to easily track live speed readouts and elapsed ride distances while you ride.

We’ve designed the hand controller to be more eco-friendly using a rechargeable battery that conveniently charges with the included magnetic USB-C cable and delivers over 10 hours of ride time with each charge.

The Elite Hand Controller delivers a next generation experience that empowers you to take the sport wherever you want it to go.


· Elite Hand Controller
· USB-C charging cable
· Protective case
· Quick Start Guide

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£ 788.00 GBP
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