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5'4 Lift 4 - Beginner - Family - Charter Boat - Package
£ 13,200.00 GBP
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Lift Jet Propulsion System on a 28" carbon mast - features a fully enclosed impeller for maximum safety and increased efficiency compared to our original shrouded propeller. The design keeps drag to a minimum for improved ride times and a more surf-like ride quality. The Lift Jet also provides smoother, less punchy acceleration, making it more responsive and ideal for beginning riders.

Generation 4 Battery 2.5 hr - Great for Multi rider use without need for battery change

270 Camber pro - It offers a gentle, surfy ride for those that are looking to glide at reduced speeds and enjoy those perfect flowing turns. Its larger surface area offers a very stable platform to stand on. With a reduced camber, this wing never feels overwhelming. If you enjoy conservative, mellow riding, this is the wing for you.

48 Surf V2 Back Wing is our largest and most stable back wing. This wing provides great pitch stability, which makes for a smooth riding experience.

Standard Floating Hand Controller with 15 speed setting

UK or Euro Charger

Board bags - Mast bag - Wing bag - 2 year warranty

Call 07973446701 to confirm your colour choice and delivery slots.

Colours in next day UK Stock - Arctic White or Steel Blue

Colours in 2 week delivery Stock - Carbon black, Lime Green

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Board price
£ 13,200.00 GBP
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